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Don’t Let Missing Teeth Jeopardize Your Oral and Overall Health

September 2, 2015

Full and partial dentures can bring much-needed relief for patients with missing teeth.There are many hidden consequences of losing teeth that can have lasting effects on your overall health. The spaces that are left from missing teeth aren’t immune to attracting to diseases. Harmful bacteria and rotting food particles can lead to excessive tooth decay which can help develop deep cavities. It isn’t just deep cavities a patient has to worry about – your overall health is at risk, too. You see, oral health and overall health work in conjunction to help keep your body operating at peak performance. Oral and overall health go hand-in-hand when it comes to keeping yourself healthy.

At our office in Dallas, TX, we offer comfort for those that are affected by missing teeth. Our list of restorative dentistry services aims to bring proper health and function back to someone’s oral situation. Dr. Ramsey is the restorative dentist Dallas residents can trust to give them relief from missing teeth. If you’ve considered dentures in the past, now is a great time to pull the trigger. Get the relief you need from missing teeth with our denture options.

Missing Teeth Can Do a Number on Your Overall and Oral Health

Your wellbeing is very important to us. Without having your overall health in great shape, it’s next to impossible to keep your oral health in the same condition. Think about when you chew food. For someone that doesn’t have missing teeth, it’s just another no-brainer activity that you do day in and day out. Think about a person with missing teeth – their ability to chew is greatly affected, thus leaving their digestive system at risk.

Not being able to chew properly will force your stomach and intestines to work twice as hard to absorb all the nutrients it can. The less nutrients you absorb, the unhealthier you’re leaving your body. In addition,

It’s a simple equation: good oral health + good overall health = a better you.

Your oral health is at risk, too. It isn’t just the development of diseases that you have to be worried about. Since teeth enjoy touching each other, a missing area can cause a tooth to fall toward the open space. This can throw off the entire alignment of your smile, not to mention cause teeth in the opposite area to super-erupt. When this happens, additional teeth are at an increased risk of falling out. Replacing a missing tooth immediately will help keep your overall and oral health in proper shape.

Fix Missing Teeth With Dentures

We offer full and partial dentures to help complete smiles. Nobody wants to suffer with difficulty speaking and eating – these dentures will help any patient achieve optimum functionality and appearance.

A full denture contains a full set of prosthetic teeth that naturally mimic a beautiful smile. They’re situated with an adhesive and can be anchored with dental implants for added stability if a patient so chooses. Full dentures are reserved more for patients that have lost most if not all of their teeth. This is the most ideal treatment to help restore a smile in one fell swoop.

Partial dentures are for patients that have a few healthy teeth left. They fill gaps like a puzzle piece and can provide beautiful results. They stay in place by securing with neighboring teeth via hidden clasps. They mimic regular teeth so well that nobody will ever know you’re wearing dentures.

Schedule Your Denture Appointment Today

If you’re tired of dealing with missing teeth and want to do something about the unsightly appearance your smile has, our denture treatment can head you down the road to oral-health happiness. Dr. Ramsey wants nothing more than to provide you with a smile you can enjoy for years. We invite those of you in and around the Dallas area to come in for a visit, including Garland, Lake Highlands, and Lakewood. We have dentures Lake Highlands residents can count on for wonderful results.





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