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Dallas gum lifts improve appearance and aid restoration

December 1, 2015

Filed under: Holistic dentistry — drramsey @ 6:05 pm

Dallas gum liftsEllis L. Ramsey DDS performs Dallas gum lifts to improve gum lines and facilitate crowns and other restorations. Read about this simple procedure.

As a holistic dentist who cares for oral health and its interaction with the whole person, cosmetic dentist, Ellis L. Ramsey DDS, performs gum lifts in his Dallas office. Also called gum re-contouring, this comfortable, in-office procedure reshapes an uneven gum line, revealing more natural tooth structure.


Cosmetic dentistry enhances appearance with a natural look

What’s your idea of an attractive smile? Surprisingly, most adults don’t desire a celebrity look. Rather, they want to look like themselves–only better.

Along with professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, cosmetic resin bonding and Invisalign clear braces,  Dr. Ellis L. Ramsey and his skilled team remake less than perfect smiles with an innovative dental service called gum recontouring. Also termed  gum lift or gingivectomy, this in-office procedure evens gums, removing excess, bulky tissue to uncover more of an individual’s natural tooth structure..

Reasons for gum recontouring

One of the most common reasons for gum recontouring is the “gummy smile.” This aesthetic problem occurs when gum tissue fails to recede after permanent teeth erupt. It also happens because of simple genetics. The result is a gum line that:

  • is uneven
  • is very prominent when the individual smiles
  • gets in the way of restorations such as porcelain crowns or cosmetic improvements such as porcelain veneers (ceramic shells bonded to the front side of teeth)

When gum tissue impedes restorative procedures, the corrective procedure is called “crown lengthening.”

How Dallas gum lifts work

Gum recontouring is a simple, in-office procedure. Dr. Ramsey take special care to ensure patient comfort during this service, offering local anesthesia, oral conscious sedation and IV conscious sedation as needed for a painless, anxiety-free experience.

Dr. Ramsey performs a thorough oral exam and digital imaging as needed before sculpting the gums. He may draw a line on the tissue to approximate where the new gum line will end. He then uses a minimally-invasive laser procedure to remove excess gum tissue, revealing more tooth structure. This process involves no cutting or stitches. More complex recontouring involves revamping underlying bone structure and may require the expertise of an outside specialist.

After care

When the patient returns home, he or she can resume normal activities but may take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for discomfort as directed by the holistic Dallas dentist. Additionally, a soft diet consisting of yogurt, ice cream, scrambled eggs and the like gently eases gums back to full function.  While gum sculpting is a very successful procedure, sometimes gums grow back and need touch-up work.

Your smile makeover

Achieving your best smile may be as simple as a Dallas gum lift. Contact Dr. Ellis Ramseys office for a one-on-one smile analysis. He will discuss your goals and concerns and devise a treatment plan to bring out the best in your healthy smile.

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