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Reveal Your Smile with a Gum Lift in Dallas!

February 3, 2017

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Why would I want a gum lift in Dallas?It’s the morning, and you’re ready to head out the door, but you find yourself spending a few extra minutes looking in the mirror. You notice that your smile shows way more of your gums than your teeth, so you’re trying to force yourself to smile in such a way that hides this. After a little while, you feel completely ridiculous and head out. You eventually catch yourself practicing your smile again in your rear view mirror. Isn’t there something you can do about this? You can’t imagine having to take a moment to make sure you smile correctly each and every time. This is an issue patients share with Dr. Ellis Ramsey all the time, and fortunately, he can help correct it using a gum lift in Dallas.

What Is a Gum Lift?

Your smile is made up of more than just your teeth. Your gums play a big role in how it looks, and the right proportion of teeth-to-gums is very important. For some, excess gum tissue can dominate their smile, and even make their teeth look like they are much too short. Unfortunately, this isn’t an issue you can simply fix with your home hygiene routine, and there isn’t a product on the shelves that can take care of it either. In order to directly address the issue, you need a gum lift.

A gum lift is a cosmetic procedure used to reduce the amount of gum tissue that shows during a person’s smile in order to give them a perfectly balanced and proportioned look. It helps reveal more of a person’s natural teeth so that they can feel more confident showing them off.

What To Expect When Getting a Gum Lift

If this sounds like exactly what your smile needs, the first step you need to take is to make an appointment to see Dr. Ramsey. This will give you the chance to explain what you would like to be different about your smile, and allow Dr. Ramsey to decide on the best way to do it.

If that involves a gum lift, he’ll start by marking your gums to indicate where your new gum line will be. This is your smile, of course, so you will be consulted at every point of your treatment to make sure you are getting the look that you want. Dr. Ramsey will then gently reshape your gum line and remove any excess gum tissue. He will try to be as conservative as possible and preserve as much of your natural gums as he can. He will then reattach them to your teeth and suture them so new healthy tissue can begin to form.

Depending on your particular situation, the procedure can take a few hours, and recovery is very easy. Dr. Ramsey will use self-dissolving stitches, meaning that you won’t need to come back to the office to have them removed. There might be some redness and swelling on your gums initially after the procedure, but they will be very slight, and they should be easily managed with over-the-counter medication. After a week, you should be completely healed, and your new smile will be ready to show off to the world.

Have Questions?

A gummy smile can be extremely frustrating for people because they can’t fix it on their own. Dr. Ramsey is able to help, and will make sure that you leave his office with a smile that will never cause you a second thought.

If you have any questions about how a gum lift in Lake Highlands works, or want to schedule an appointment, just give us a call today.

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