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Gum Lifts

Male wearing a grey suit jacket holding his phoneWhen you think of your smile, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like most people, it’s probably your teeth. However, your gums play just as much of a role in its appearance as your teeth. An excess of gum tissue can make a smile look unbalanced, causing your teeth to look short or stubby. Fortunately, this can now be easily corrected with a gum lift in Dallas.

What Is a Gum Lift?

It is a procedure used to reduce the appearance of gum tissue around a person’s top teeth in order to give them a more beautiful smile. It is also commonly referred to as “crown lengthening.”

The procedure involves 3 basic steps:

  • Your existing gum tissue will be separated from your teeth
  • Your teeth are reshaped slightly
  • The gum tissue is then placed back at a higher point

This can make your teeth look bigger and more prominent. The end result is a smile that is both healthy and perfectly balanced.

Will Any of My Gum Tissue Be Removed?

No, this procedure is different than the periodontal therapy used to treat gum disease. It simply manipulates your tissue to make your teeth look larger. Removing the tissue would only lead it to eventually growing back.

How Does It Feel?

Like many dental procedures, gum lifts utilize local anesthesia to make it completely painless. Of course, if a patient is very nervous about having a gum lift, they can opt to use one of our forms of sedation. We will always make sure you are well-prepared and comfortable before the procedure starts.

What Is Recovery Like?

A gum lift is a minor surgery, which means there will probably be some redness and slight swelling in the area that was treated. This can usually be easily managed using pain medication. Some patients feel numbness in the area as well, and this is completely normal.

On the first day of recovery, a patient shouldn’t plan on doing anything but resting. You should limit your physical activity and take it easy for the next 2 days afterward, and you should be able to resume normal activities by the 4th day. Of course, everyone recovers differently, so keep in touch with Dr. Ramsey if you experience any pain or excess swelling.

Will There Be Stitches?

Yes, in order to keep your gum tissue in place, you will need stitches. However, often self-dissolving stitches are used for this type of procedure. This means they will dissolve on their own, saving you from having to come get them removed.

How Long Does It Take?

The actual procedure usually takes about 2 to 3 hours and can be completed in one visit. Afterward, you will need to come back to the office for a follow-up to make sure you are healing correctly.

Any Questions?

The smile you deserve is waiting to be revealed, and all it takes is one simple procedure. If you think your smile could be improved by a gum lift in Lake Highlands, please give us a call today.